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In this platform we discuss key trends, developments, opportunities and challenges which are driving and changing the people business in organizations.

As serious practitioners in the people management business Pages shares ideas and perspectives from HR practioners, business leaders, subject matter experts and anyone who is interested in people to share their thoughts.

"The Times they are a Changing"

With the capability crunch becoming a reality –resources are at a premium. Organizations are feeling the heat in trying to retain their key personnel. Added to this is the fact that the millennial workforce is setting new terms of engagement.

Moving to the corner office is not a priority for them as much as the opportunity to get into new roles and learn in the process.

With a rap-video and Twitter culture leading to attention deprivation and instant gratification, learning has to be compressed in “bits and bytes”. Borrowing from the latest Apple clip the millennial want to experience "40 years in 40 seconds"

While these could be extreme expectations it is definitely making organizations revisit at the way they want to manage the workplace.

Among the major initiatives which are being taken by enterprises wanting to remain ahead of the curve

  • Redesigning the Organization structure- The traditional pyramid is becoming archaic. Business imperatives, collaborative work and task based assignments are forcing organizations to revisit the traditional structures.
  • Engagement in bits- Learning is moving out of scheduled classroom sessions to a more self paced open learning framework. Providing social platforms to share knowledge and ideas within built incentives could be powerful learning facilitators.
  • Performance Management- It is not necessarily hard coded based on year end objectives but on business –driven tasks. This is translating to a process of real time evaluation. Consequently, appraisal systems are becoming obsolete as the criteria for performance is going to change.
  • Flexibility in employment- While a permanent assignment is still the major template, the workforce of today is looking for more choices. With the rapid changes in a post digital world-employers must think of innovative models of hiring.What this means is that for organizations who are aiming to survive in the future flexibility in diverse aspects would be a key imperative for success.

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