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  • Client: A large private bank.
  • The Scenario: A mandated recruitment for wealth managers for a private bank was running into issues regarding conversions and suitability of hire.
  • Our Solution: Using a sample PAGES designed a “straw man “mapping the profile. A short questionnaire was created as a pre-screening process focusing on non-functional queries.
  • Outcome: Significant success translating to 23% increase in success in number of ‘right hires.

Strategic Outsourcing:

  • Client: A large engineering Multinational.
  • The Scenario: A payroll contract was being renewed but the client was looking for vastly improved employee support. The current contact centre was unable to handle employee queries effectively resulting in errors coupled with dissatisfaction.
  • Our solution: As a new partner -PAGES recommended a process redesign. This involved moving from external service to self service. With the purchase of a new software solution each employee could access information and receive instant answers to their queries.
  • Outcome: Clear savings in time –translating to 15% productivity improvements along with employee satisfaction.

Training: Changing behavior, changing business.

  • Client: A top 5 Indian pharmaceutical company
  • The Scenario: Based on traditional industry behavior, the product management teams’ competency mapping did not encourage breakthrough thinking, decision making and collaborative behavior. Consequently the product portfolio was primarily based on incremental enhancements. This translated to a slow erosion of market share.
  • Our Solution: Focus group meetings with key stakeholders leading to the design and delivery of a training intervention. The key objective was to bring about a more market –driven mindset based on innovative thinking, communication skills and an outside-in approach. A phased intervention based on a 90 day milestone was executed.
  • Outcome: Clear improvements in inter departmental communication translating to lower cycle time for product launches. One new product launched post identification of a new segment. A clear benefit was the reduction in attrition in the product manager segment.


  • Client: An architectural steel manufacturing company.
  • The Scenario: A company built on a proprietarily culture has reached a roadblock in its growth journey. Key personnel largely familial. No KRA’s hence no accountability. Moreover limited success has built a complacency mindset.
  • Our Solution: Discovery exercise with founder CEO. Reorganization with specific roles and KRAs including the creation of a new COO position.
  • Outcome: KRA management leading to increased efficiency levels –productivity numbers increased.

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